Jepara house furniture is a self-manufacturer engaged in the production and furniture sale themed modern and classic furniture. Our company prefers the quality of goods by producing furniture using wood choice according to standard used in domestic and abroad. Our modern furniture products include indoor and outdoor furniture. The types include dining room furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, dish racks etc. As for the living room furniture include sofa, chair, coffee table, cabinet, nightstand and other storage. And for the bedroom furniture we have several choices of furniture products such as bed frame, lounge chairs, cabinets, console tables, shoe racks and dressers. For other choice of modern furniture products there are also office desk, stool, lawn chair, garden table, bar stool and work table. All products are available in several categories of furniture available in the product menu on our website. The wood materials we use are teak wood and mahogany woods with drought choice reaching an average of 18% – 10% with grade selection starting from A, B +, B.

The explanation of each grade above is as follows:

  • Grade A

Export standards with wood drought 12% – 10% and no whiteness at all.

  • Grade B+

Export standards with wood drought 14% – 12% and white shades still exist in wood, but the white pattern will be placed in the product that is not shown such as at the bottom of the top table.

  • Grade B

Local standards that use wood drying are about 18% – 14% and still there is a white pattern on wood.

Some of the modern furniture we produce include modern Scandinavian furniture, modern minimalist furniture, modern mid-century furniture, and modern industrial furniture. In addition to the kind of modern furniture we mentioned earlier, we also produce kinds of outdoor furniture or known as garden furniture.

For the type of garden furniture will be very compatible with teak wood materials. Because teak wood has high resistance to weather. Teak wood has a strong and tough characteristics that can make resistant to termites, and oil content is high enough. So it will be very suitable applied for the type of garden furniture. But it will also not rule out that teak is good when it is applied in the type of indoor furniture according to have a drought which is reaching the standards usability. Due to the indoor air-conditioned temperature will greatly affect the content on teak wood so that it can shape itself like a curved and able to break away from the glue of wood and even the connection of construction used. Therefore we highly recommend to our buyers by giving the choice of grade with drought according to standard usage. Materials glue adhesive on the wood that we use are DN Presto and Poxy. Two options glue we use is very appropriate to the classification of modern furniture products that we produce. Most of the modern furniture that has sleek designs on its legs, as well as the curvature of a typical Scandinavian angle, the not-so-numerous construction joints of every modern furniture product require us to determine what adhesive glue is suitable for our modern furniture design. And we think these two choices of adhesives above are the right choices because it is very strong and safe when it is going into the wood sanding process using machines that it can sometimes damage the construction of the products we make. Our own finishing process is worked by skilled hands who are already experts in their field. The patience in processing the final varnish on a furniture product is able to create modern furniture products with quality and guaranteed quality. The lacquer materials we use include melamine NC, Piyu melamine, NC Duco, Water base, Aqualaq, Melamine Bio, etc. While the lacquer technique we use among them is spray technique (air brush), rustic, brush (brush). The advantages of our furniture products are original made in Indonesia, quality wood materials with the classification according to standard usage, quality assured, warranty for 1 month usage, secure packing system and warranty delivery in case of damage on the delivery time. All the term and condition you can check on our FAQ page.

The above explanation will further increase your confidence in our modern furniture products. You can also visit our workshop which is located in Jepara, Indonesia to see our production process directly in our workshop. Or you can contact us by phone, Whatsapp or email and visit our site at and get the best deal from us

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